colder weather

January 16, 2007

so it’s starting to cool down in philadelphia. i’m still waiting for my snow storm.

i wore my yellow gloves yesterday and they are incredibly comfortable! i love them and am going to make another pair in teal.

yellow gloves

yellow gloves

i’m slowly working my way on my first sweater. i hope this doesn’t get pushed too far to the side because of school this semester. the last thing i want to be doing is still knitting this come june.

beginning of 1st sweater

i’m sending out my nikon camera tomorrow to get fixed. i can’t wait to get it back. this crappy kodak ain’t cutting it with it’s lame “automatic” setting. ugh.

i want more people to buy my books on i need to start listing more stuff for sale on my ebay.

i am totally afraid there is a mouse in my wall behind my stove. my kitty keeps checking it out and that makes me nervous.


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