May 21, 2007

After a long weekend of drinking beers, laughing, dancing, and all around silliness, I’m looking forward to a more tame week. I still have 2 loads of laundry I’ve been putting off, and the moving preparations need to get started. Boxes are stacked in the corner of the apartment, and I have a few more waiting for me at work. While I have 2 weeks before anything gets moved into West Philadelphia, the idea of packing is so very tiring. And the last thing I want to be stumbling over in the next few weeks are boxes of things in my tiny apartment.

I baked more chocolate chip cookies last night, using a slightly modified recipe, which actually yielded almost twice as many tasty treats.
Sunday night baking
What am I supposed to do with such an enormous amount of cookies? Hopefully I’ll be social enough in the next 2 days to rid myself of most of them.

Since it is Monday morning, let me write out a list of all the things I need to accomplish in the next few days:

How do I feel about the fact that my lists are always comprised of “to be finished” items? Well, perhaps this is part of the same procrastination, vast amounts of interests, constantly moving and keeping busy, while concentrating on a billion things, problem. I swear, I can’t juggle in real life, but I metaphorically juggle far to many things constantly. They have yet to all come crashing down on my head, since honestly they aren’t that serious since school’s over for a few months, but it leaves me wondering if they ever will.

Alright, off to work.


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