Flowers, homework, etc

June 20, 2007

Well, home to New York for the weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday. Pictures speak a thousand words.
Birthday cake
Birthday cake and tea outside my parents’ house was lovely. That birthday cake was so delicious. Strange to think my father is now 65. And I don’t live in New York anymore. While that isn’t a new realization, since I haven’t lived there in almost 7 years, it’s always an odd realization to have when you notice that your childhood home is no longer home.
Tea and pavlova
My sister made a Pavlova for my dad. Too bad I couldn’t have a piece, on account of the heavy cream and lactose intolerance. It did look lovely, though.
I’m starting to understand where my obsession with plant life and flowers come from, as I sat on the patio reading another excellent recommendation from a new friend
Summer reading
and looked out onto a front yard of–
Parents' front yard
Bird bath
Patio plants

I really need to start buckling down and writing some stuff for my independent study paper this summer. I’m supposed to send some text to my instructor tomorrow. I have 3 bullet points. That’s it. What have I been doing instead? Drinking beers in Northern Liberties, having dance parties, and being young.

Tomorrow night is dinner party #1 in the new apartment. Quite exciting. As for now, I need to write a few pages and go to sleep.

P.S. It’s always about finding the little things that make you smile
Surprise mushroom


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