Sewing notions

June 24, 2007

Pulled out my sewing machine for the first time since I moved a few weeks ago. I spent Saturday night finishing the second season of the Office (U.S.) on While I still love the U.K. version much better, I totally got into this version too. I need to see season 3 before September 2007, when season 4 starts, because now that I don’t have cable, I know I’m going to get into this show.

My first dinner party was Thursday night and while it was picnic style Dinner party - picnic style it was still fun. A few kitchen disasters, such as the glass bowl breaking while being filled with squash, followed by the over-usage of tomato sauce, but all in all a sweet evening of beers and friends.

Saturday night was a much needed break from going out with friends (since I had gone out for drinks every night for the previous 6 days) and drinking. In lieu of this, the evening consisted of a lovely nap, watching aforementioned sitcom reruns, and sewing a pincushion and the Purl Bee Frog—-

Pin cushion

Purl Bee Frog


One Response to “Sewing notions”

  1. Dame Wendy Says:

    Love the pin cushion! It’s lovely!

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