Last push

June 28, 2007

Tomorrow is the very last of my slow move from Center City to West Philadelphia. This is going to be all furniture, which includes the heaviest desk ever made to be transported up 3 flights of stairs. Thank goodness a cool front will be arriving tomorrow, and reducing the 94F temperature to a balmy 78F. Today is the second day there is a heat advisory for SE PA. Honestly, these temperatures are just uncalled for.

I scoured ebay to find Liberty of London fabric, and found a few nice pieces, literally. 2 batches of 4in squares which will be a sweet blues and pinks quilt for….myself. I’m looking forward to adding that project to the ever growing list of things I’m working on. Right below the fabric coasters I’m working on, the 2 skirts I have in my head, and the billions of crocheted blankets I’m working on simultaneously. Somehow, the idea of starting my summer class next week is unpleasant. Additionally, the idea of me not really working on my independent study project yet is unpleasant.

Finestimaginary put up her adorable adorable Unglefor Creatures for adoption on Etsy and I had to snatch one up.

On a completely other note, I’m adding this to my arm of tattoos this weekend (I think).


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