Days and nights, and weeks and months

July 30, 2007

I’ve been writing a lot lately, which is a surprising turn of events. I haven’t been into journaling for the past 3 years, yet all of a sudden words and sentences and thoughts and drawings are pouring out of me. It’s funny how I sometimes look at myself and see that as I get older and personality and mentality morphing naturally takes place I find myself at a place not wholly unfamiliar, but rather at a place that I’ve been before, at least in bits and pieces. Uncovering the same me I uncover constantly. Reverting back to the me I always find. Somehow, this time the me is a better fit than before.

It’s almost August. Almost 25. Almost autumn. One year ago things were far different, but I wouldn’t change anything that has happened, regardless of the ups and downs and laughs and tears.

I’ve been working on some craft things, yet nothing is finished yet. School work has become such a pain to finish. All I long for is August 10th when freedom reigns until January, maybe longer.

My small digital camera broke on my bike ride last weekend and won’t let me transfer any photos on the memory card. My replacement should be arriving soon, but it’s strange to not have a camera at hand. My larger digital camera has mysteriously gone missing in my room. Maybe when classes are finished I can finally finish unpacking and find it.


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