Cooler breezes on the horizons

September 1, 2007

Today is the the first day of September. Amazing to see how quickly this summer has passed. All in all, a successful few months.

Last weekend I embarked on my second bicycle touring adventure (accomplishing 1 out of 5 of #56 and #57 on the 101 List…which is still only 81 items. Oops.) with K, to French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania. Up steep hills, through farm lands, in temperatures which, rumor has it, peaked at 106F. Sleepy evening and dark night snuggled up in a tent, in the woods, during a thunderstorm.

Bicycles in the woods

All followed by a lovely visit to the Hopewell Furnace. There was a farm at the Historic Site, and that’s where I fell in love with these little pretties–
Sheep resting in the shade

I would love to have a sheep farm one day. Then I could snooze under trees with them during hot summer days.

I made my first sock monkey this past week, for Elaine. I think he’s adorable…and ready for winter with his little hat.

Sock Monkey for Elaine


One Response to “Cooler breezes on the horizons”

  1. Felicia Says:

    What adorable sheep and a cute sock monkey 🙂

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