Beginning of a new season

September 24, 2007

Posts are becoming sparser and sparser, as have crafty output. Over the past few months my life has completely been rehauled, for the best, I’ve traveled to Brazil and back, been uber-stressed out at work, been uber-excited for newly formed future plans, and bought a new bike and an old bike frame to be made into a long-distance touring bike.

Brazil was fairly interesting and I was able to see some amazing graffiti murals and public art.

As the summer winds down and is packed away until next year, autumn plans include long bike rides on my new bicycle, apple picking and pumpkin picking in Media, PA, my pottery classes at UC Arts League, and continuing this trajectory of awesomeness. I’m starting to slowly ramp up in crafting. Something about the cool, crisp evenings makes it easier to do that. Working on a couple of projects for Craftster swaps and I started Knitty’s Calorimetry for myself out of really lovely Kureyon yarn I’ve had stashed away in a bin for a year.

My mother bought me the Knitpicks Options set for my birthday, and I’m looking forward to using them soon. Perhaps on my next project, whatever that may be. The list keeps growing and growing and includes lots of knitting, crocheting small items, and a ton of sewing, and finishing some old knitting and crocheting projects and quilting projects that I’ve just slacked and slacked on for ever, it seems. There are a few printing and paper projects on the list too. Phew. Real 9-5 work just keeps getting in the way. I need to buckle down and start Christmas projects soon.


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