Endless lists

October 3, 2007

Ellie & Granny squaresAfter longing for so many books, but keeping my wallet tucked safely away, I finally caved and purchased 3 new books, of a crafty nature. After sitting on my amazon wishlist for so very long, I bought Last-minute Knitted Gifts, along with the newly released Last-minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. Both of these books, if you haven’t looked through them I suggest you do. They are lovely hard-cover books with sweet pictures of these great patterns. I’ve already gone through them with a pack of little page flags, marking pages that I want to use immediately. Unfortunately, there is little time for that these days, what with looming holidays and working a full-time job. My list of future projects just keeps growing and growing.

Ravelry.com isn’t helping either. I was finally invited to join them a few months ago. I started my account but sort of ignored it for awhile. Lo and behold, work boredom set in last week and reminded me of my ravelry account and what it could offer. Needless to say, it has instantaneously become my new favorite website/work procrastination/all over inspiration/etc etc etc website.


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