Starts and finishes

October 8, 2007

Previously mentioned, the Dashing gloves are now finally finished. Last night I wove in all the ends and made K model them for me.

Finished weaving in the ends

It’s amazing how no matter how close I follow a pattern, and count rows, somehow one glove always manages to be a smidge longer than the other. Of course, only I can really see the difference. The wool that I used is such a find. I don’t remember who I bought it from, but some seller on ebay was selling this wool in olive green and heathered grape purple. Now I’m not one who likes the color purple…ever…but the yarn is really fab. It knits up really well for gloves, and has such a good memory to it, so it stays snug. Perfect for freezing cold morning bike rides in Philadelphia. Cause those are coming up soon, aren’t they? Oh that’s right. It was 87degrees today.

I’m working on my first project, Airy Scarf, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. As expected, it is a quick knit. I’m finally able to use a skein of this soft alpaca I bought at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar almost a year ago. Nashua brushed Alpaca in Autumn Red. I guess I really want fall to finally start around here. Even the color of yarns I’m using indicate that. I have another nashua skein in a golden yellow. I think I’m going to make another scarf out of that one. Or maybe some arm warmers. Hmm…

Airy Scarf

Oh. And on a non-knitting front–
So in 3 years I’m beginning the BIG trip. In case you’re wondering what the BIG trip is…it is when I abandon civilization to bicycle tour around the world for a few years. Yeah. Amazing.

Last night we began preparations. Out of cordura digital camoflage, K cut and pinned our future tarp.

Cutting our future tarp

It’s exciting to start making lists and fabricating ideas of what life will be like, seen from 2 wheels. A few months back I bought an old steel bike frame to be made into my for reals touring bike. While it still remains a frame in a box, bits and bobs will be purchased to make it into a tank of touring.

Unfortunately this trip is still years away. Until then I wake up and plod off to work in an office. And spend my evenings knitting. Lists keep piling up.


2 Responses to “Starts and finishes”

  1. paperseed Says:

    I love those fingerless gloves! I’ll have to look for easy instructions, cause right know I only know the knit stitch. I’ve seen Last Minute Knitted Stitch on another blog, too, so I think I’m going to request it from the library for inspiration!

  2. andrea Says:

    i found the instructions on knitty’s “fetching” to be easier than “dashing” when i was trying to escape just knitting rectangles. so you might want to start there. good luck!

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