Bumps, bruises, and winter hats

October 15, 2007

I bought a mountain bike. I bought a new helmet. I went on my first mountain biking excursion and before I even got into the woods I managed to injure myself.

Mountain biking attempt #1

My favorite slip and fall had to be when I stopped to gawk at a deer and fell over. Amazing. Dumb clipless pedals. I’m so not used to them, but hopefully after using them this weekend on my next bicycle campout with K I won’t be such a doufus with them.

So today, upon waking up and seeing that my little scuffle with naturethe parking lot curb outside of the woods has turned into a large, and kind of painful, bruise and scrape I hobbled off to work and hoped that the future holds much better mountain biking experiences for me. I did get to show some co-workers my cool injury but unfortunately I’m not a good fibber and I had to tell them that it was indeed from not getting over a parking lot curb and not something cool like busting through a bush as I flew down a steep hill and over 3 logs and a stream where I gracefully tumbled, not because of anything I did but because something knocked me over. Or something. Anyways. I woke up with aches on the left side of me as well. That’s from the time that I went down a hill, skidded in mud, and fell off my bike…onto my shoulder…and head. How bad-ass am I?

Well. Besides becoming increasingly frustrated with my lack of innate mountain biking skills that I assume everyone else has, it has not deterred me. Onwards and upwards…after my cut heals of course. During my hobbling around work today I raided the library for the 5 bicycle touring books for me and K to read. One of the perks of my job is that these books aren’t due back until March 30, 2008. Fantastic. (The book on top is not a bicycle touring book, but is a sailing around the world book which I haven’t read yet)

Bicycle touring books

I started knitting myself a wonderful winter hat, with earflaps of course. This is the last skein of Big Kureyon I have, I think. I’m on my no-new-yarn diet and it’s hard. Hard hard hard. Especially because I want to dye some yarn to start knitting socks for the first time. In due time, dear Andrea. In due time. This pattern comes from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Knitted Gifts as well and I can’t wait for it to be finished. It’s my second pattern from this book and again I’m loving it.

Winter hat

4 Responses to “Bumps, bruises, and winter hats”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Oh no! Knitter down! That looks nasty – hope you’re ok.


  2. Sally Says:

    Ooh, hope you’re okay! I commend you on your commitment to the environment. I would love to live somewhere where I could walk and bike everywhere. I try to recycle and compost as much as possible, and buy local produce, and use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

    I love the hat too. Isn’t LMKG the best?

  3. […] to try to get used to the clipless shoes I bought when I got my Jamis 29er mountain bike (and the subsequent injury that resulted). Man oh man. I was so against going clipless, but what an uneducated opinion that […]

  4. sandi Says:

    (I posted this comment on the other blog before I saw that your blog has moved)

    Ouch. i am getting a bike tomorrow (!) and found your blog when I goggled clipless pedals. I think I’ll stick with the platform pedals until I am more confident on the bike. (It’s been years since I’ve ridden and it was a 10 speed) I am giddy thinking about the new bike.

    Hope you are ok 🙂

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