Broken hearted, again and again and again

October 19, 2007

We all know about global warming (and if you don’t by now you really need to get out more) and what’s happening in the Artic. I’m avidly keeping watch, you know, from my apartment in Philadelphia, on these happenings and discoveries and constant debates. Granted, my dropping out of grad school doesn’t really jive with my utter desire to save the planet, but we won’t go into the intricacies of why I think my program sucks. I’m still soley interested in the environment, agriculture, reusing any and all products (before I succumb, in defeat, to recycling as a form of disposal) and wishing more people would care about something other than themselves and their materialism. Perhaps because the anger that bubbles inside me when people don’t give a rat’s patootie about the environment is somehow invigorating? Or maybe I just like depressing myself over the utter irresponsibility of most humans in regards to the environment (I almost lost it in a fit of rage last night over plastic bags in the grocery store…once again…but I digress.). Regardless, in my morning “depression-athon” via reading the news, this photo really stood out as being quite phenomenal.


Oh my, how scary things must be for a scientist to be standing on the thin layer of ice looking into the face of the earth’s destruction. Seeing it through a photo, via the internet, makes my insides creak with saddness and anger, and I’m just a regular jane-shmoe. Anyways. Read the article (New Coast Guard Task in Arctic’s Warming Seas
By MATTHEW L. WALD and ANDREW C. REVKIN in the New York Times
). Read the series that the article is in.

And if that doesn’t proceed to depress you enough, consider this, from a previous article on Joel Makower’s blog:

“For example, 37% of consumers feel “highly concerned” about environmental issues, but only 25% feel highly knowledgeable about environmental issues. And only 22% feel they can make a difference when it comes to the environment.”


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