When it rains it pours

October 24, 2007

On Saturday, at about the halfway point between Philadelphia proper and New Hope, our bike-camping destination for the weekend , a car decided that it did not like me and Kasy riding on Old York Road in Jenkintown. It proceeded to honk incessently at me while edging me to the curb. My front tire hit the curb and I fell off my bike, into the street, and slid into the lane.

Injuries sustained:

  • chip fractured thumb
  • bump on head (left side)
  • abrasions on left shoulder, both palms, left elbow, and left knee
  • road rash on abdomen (left side)
  • deep bruise on abdomen (left side)

    On the very teensy chance that the driver of that goldish colored 4 door car reads this……I HATE YOU.

    My gratitude, however, goes out to the random people who stopped and asked me if they could help me, the nice people who drove down to find Kasy and send him back, the nice people who drove me to the hospital, the lovely folks at Abington Hospital to took care of me via x-rays, stingy cleansing solutions, and bandages, the kid in the bed next to mine (who had hurt himself while skateboarding and holding on to his friends car) who was having funny conversations with his mom that kept me and Kasy entertained, our New Hope friends for driving us home, my dear helmet for protecting my noggin, Arkel for making the panniers I bought that I credit for saving my bike from any real damage, and my dearest Kasy for taking care of me every minute of every day.

    Enjoy the rain Philadelphia! It’s supposed to be here for the next few days, according to the crossing guard at 34th and Walnut.

    EDIT: Doctor’s diagnosis is a-ok, except for the fractured thumb which is now in a cozy (read: hilarious) split and a bruised rotator cuff (seriously?!)

  • 4 Responses to “When it rains it pours”

    1. Amber Says:

      Oh man I’m sorry about your accident but glad you’re ok!

    2. Sascha Says:

      OMG Andrea…are you ok? Maybe you should stop biking for alittle while – at least until everything heals and you’re bad luck with biking goes away. If you need anything, let me know.

    3. Wendy Says:

      Hmm, biking v. knitting – I think there’s less danger in the knitting thing, perhaps. Hope you’re feeling ok. And, I’m certainly enjoying the rain more than that disgusting heat/humidity we had last week!

    4. […] How lovely are they, with their panniers. This was to be our first outing with these panniers. Mine are the blue ones on the bike in the back. These are from Arkel, and since I don’t have a front rack, we just went with the back bags for this trip. My first panniers. I was so excited! Kasy’s new black ones on the bike up front is his new full set of black Arkel panniers, a replacement for his previous Ortliebs. Little did we know what lay around the corner, in Jenkintown, a few hours later… […]

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