Soggy Saturdays

October 27, 2007

Raining in Philadelphia for the third day in a row. We need the rain so badly, though. This summer was incredibly dry. I can recall only a few times where rain visited the area. Hopefully there is enough rain in areas with penetrable ground (read: not pavement, concrete, etc) in order for our groundwater supplies to be added to. If only it would rain like this is Georgia too.

Now a week since my bike-car fiasco, my injuries are healing fairly well, and quite quickly. My left knee is still sore, but that’s because everytime I bend my knee, the scab cracks. Too much information? Oh well. My shoulder (with the bruised rotator cuff) is still being a pain, quite literally. Any my fractured thumb is more annoying than anything else.

Here are Kasy and my bikes outside my apartment.

Before heading out of the city

How lovely are they, with their panniers. This was to be our first outing with these panniers. Mine are the blue ones on the bike in the back. These are from Arkel, and since I don’t have a front rack, we just went with the back bags for this trip. My first panniers. I was so excited! Kasy’s new black ones on the bike up front is his new full set of black Arkel panniers, a replacement for his previous Ortliebs. Little did we know what lay around the corner, in Jenkintown, a few hours later

This is one of my injuries sustained, post-accident.
Part of the after

Our next touring trip is slated for mid-November. Maybe that time I can actually use my new panniers for a real campout, rather than just bike accessories while a car edges me off the road.

On the knitting front, I finally started to knit a sock. My very first sock. I bought ONline Supersocke 6-fach in Winter-color from Rosie’s and cast on to size 3 needles. I’ve turned one heel successfully and am now working down the foot, almost to the point of shaping the toe.

My first sock!

I’m looking forward to finishing these and wearing them. I have so many sock patterns I want to attempt. I’ve also started some christmas gifts, but those are being kept secret until the holidays.

I’m going to see Elizabeth the Golden Age this afternoon. Perfect rainy afternoon activity. Followed by a mexican food pot-luck at my boyfriend’s. I heard a rumor that the rain is stopping tomorrow.


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