Paying for it

November 7, 2007

Polluted Capital

This Wednesday brings another highly captivating photo from The New York Times. The combination of dirty industrial business and the Capital building is quite astounding. Luckily, the article itself, The Carbon Calculus is also quite astounding. I find it, still, shocking when presumably intelligent people cannot support logical, economically feasible, attempts at reducing emissions. Some how, the House is still against any cap and trade emissions program, probably because all of those angry lobbyists sitting in these Reps’ pockets are squirming and screaming at the thought that, heaven forbid, they will need to change their dirty business practices.

In local news, however, Philadelphia has now elected a new mayor–Michael Nutter.


Like nobody saw that coming. I hope that this means the future for Philadelphia will seriously include some sort citywide for reals recycling program. I think Nutter will end up being somewhat like he promises. Definetely my favorite during the democratic primaries last year, and still a fan of him this year. I do find his frisking policy a bit questionable. Cause in a corrupt city, with questionable policemen, and a history of violence, that won’t be an abused policy. I just get a little queasy when ideas like this are put into action. Maybe I’m just too skeptical and cynical, but honestly, doesn’t anyone see the racial profiling and unfair targeting this will bring about?


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