Thanksgiving wrap-up

November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it amazes me to think that December is only a few days away. This past weekend was spent in New York with my family, and the usual things were done–eating far too much, watching lots of movies, taking random naps on the couch, etc. However, since I went to New York with Kasy in tow, I was able to take him into the city and do some sightseeing. Not many pictures were taken, and it was absolutely blustery. But, we wandered around and saw some sights, took a few subways, and enjoyed the day.
Subway rides

It was great to see that the colors of fall were still hanging on strong in New York. I grew up a few houses away from a lake, and while walking around it on Thanksgiving day, we were lucky enough to be kept company by a few animals and loads of gorgeous leaves. By the time Saturday morning came around, the wind had knocked off all the colorful leaves.
Autumn leaves in NY

I’ve finished my first socks, and worn them a few times. They are lovely and comfortable and I am more proud of them than anyone else, I’m sure.

The finished first socks
Size 3 needles
Supersocke yarn (colorway: Winter)
Pattern: Basic Ribbed Sock by Kate Atherley

I also finished my mother’s “Airy Scarf” for her birthday. This was fun to knit, but I was glad when it was over. It didn’t have enough uumph to keep me interested. But then again, that could be due to knitting ADD instead.

Airy Scarf
Size 10 needles
Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Brushed Alpaca (colorway: Autumn Red)
Pattern: Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Now as much as I wished I could have sat in front of the tv, knitting and watching Law and Order all weekend (holiday l&o marathons make me miss cable), I could not punish Kasy, my sister, and my mother, by doing so. Instead, while I sit around the house catching up on things and decompressing from the weekend, I can create my own Law and Order marathon, drink some hot cocoa, and knit my christmas gifts…and thank Netflix for their “watch now” feature for subscribers.

Clapotis and cocoa

My beautiful track bike!Oh. And my track bike is back from being repainted!!! How lovely it looks, in brown and pink.


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