Mid-December rush

December 12, 2007

As expected, I’m far behind on my holiday crafting for presents. Still working my way through a large one for my grandmother, which I decided to make with lace weight yarn. I have 4 more things to cast on and finish…but I believe that I can do it. No spoilers here….just ambiguity.

New shoesI did, however, manage to buy myself new shoes. These Birkinstock Londons that I’ve wanted for years and years. Why I have an utter love for gnome-like shoes is beyond me. Right now I’m in the breaking in stage, which is proving to be more painful then I remember. I really haven’t bought new shoes in so long…and sneakers are always so comfortable. Colleagues at work find them to be the subject of laughter, but I don’t care. We just have different aesthetics. I think these shall be wonderful for handmade socks, as well. Luckily I just purchased, and received, Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless designs from Interweave, so my sock-apalooza can begin, once the holidays are behind us.

Wow. What a bunch of stuff.Kasy recently purchased a new bicycle trailor. It’s enormous! We loaded some stuff up from my apartment to take to his, and was amazed at this new ability to cart things. We got a bookcase, my cat’s kitty litter box, 2 speakers, and my track bike on there. Quite proud of himself, the ride went smoothly…with the many rubberneckers amazed at such a feat.


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