Happy Holidays

December 22, 2007

Well, somehow the end of December is already here. Gifts haven’t been finished, laundry hasn’t been done, and work is over until after January 2, 2008.

I’ve been busy these past few weeks. Visiting NY, knitting, making holiday cards, finishing last minute things at work, watching lots of DVDs,and trying to not let my body be taken over by the cold that’s been lingering. I think I’ve lost the battle on that last one, as I sit here nursing a sore throat with hot tea.

Kasy and Ellie
My cat has been bunking down with Kasy for a couple months now, and has grown an enormous crush on him. I’ve found myself replaced…and am a bit jealous.

Paper treeThe end of the year crunch is upon me, and I’m sure many others feel the stress. In order to lighten the mood, and because what else do you do when let out of work early on a Friday…not make a paper tree for our gift giving before flying out to Washington state? That would be silly.

Off to the west coast…hope everyone has a lovely holiday–
Holiday Card


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