Beginning the new year

January 5, 2008

Caution on the mud flatsWell, back from Washington state. After a few weeks of not working, seeing lots of gorgeous boats, falling in love with the Atlantic City Kitty and dreaming of living on one, eating to capacity at every meal, and spending New Year’s Eve in the Sea-Tac airport and flying back to Philadelphia, having 3 more days of doing nothing but spending time with Kasy, biking around in the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold Pennsylvania weather, and a weekend 2nd Christmas up with the family in New York, I’m not sure I’m ready to ever go back to work. For reals. Remember those plans to quit everything and travel around the world on very little money, living in a tent and with only a bicycle and Kasy? How I wish that was starting next week…and not in 2.5 years.

White ChristmasBut seriously folks…how does one deal with going back to work in an office, 40+ hours a week, and starting Spring graduate classes in a program you feel ‘meh’ about, with the knowledge that it all means nothing, after being away from all of that and enjoying life? Regardless, we must go back, right? Washington was wonderful fun, with far too much eating and an occasional sprinkling of rain…and snow.

I finished my Christmas presents sort of on time. I have a winter hat to finish for my brother before I leave New York tomorrow morning, heading back to Philly. All in all, a success! Things included Clapotis for Amama, knit socks for Mom, and a pair of Fetching for Sascha.

[Now I just need to take pictures of the recipients and their new knits]

Now that Christmas knitting is behind me, I can sit and relax with my new skein of Noro sock yarn that I had to buy while in Olympia. We went to Canvas Works which is a delightful store of so much awesome fabric and yarn. I wish some of the places in Philadelphia were as great, but I guess I’ll live. It took a bit of hemming and hawing on my part to decide which colorway to go with, but I believe I picked a lovely one. When I wound it into a centerpull ball last night, during a Law and Order mini-marathon, I saw the fantastic oranges, yellows, and greens that lay beneath the purple that was the outside of the skein. What lovely socks these will be–for me! They will be my ‘Washington Socks’ (link to my Ravelry project page).

Noro sock yarn
Noro sock yarn
Noro Sock yarn

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