Making progress

January 18, 2008

Spent yesterday snuggled in bed with my cat, my noro Washington Socks (err. almost a sock), and more Law and Order. Sometimes having a head cold, sore throat, and 14 sick days stocked up, really does pay off. It snowed for a large part of the afternoon, but alas, nothing stuck. What a shock.

I’m feeling confident and comfortable with the start of the Spring Semester. Taking a writing intensive class is really pushing me to want to be more organized and timely with completing school work this time around. (Remind me of this enthusiasm when I’m freaking out during the 11th hour later on this Spring.)

This weekend will be more accomplishments. Hopefully I will complete this list and feel wonderfully free and clear, come Monday, which is, by the way, a holiday off of work.

Weekend tasks for the taking:

  • building new track bike wheels with pink velocity rims
  • Finish sock 1 of the Noro Washington socks and start sock 2
  • Measure Kasy’s feet/calves for his Pseudo-Rugby knee socks
  • Dye yarn for Kasy’s Pseudo-Rugby knee socks
  • Finish watching the Arrested Development series
  • Work on new tattoo design
  • Celebrate the 6 months anniversary of Kasy+Andrea

    Then Monday is set aside for a big stash clear-out. I’m cleaning house. Clothes, bags, shoes, yarn, books. Take warning.

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