Treading Water

February 7, 2008

It’s official. I’m stressed out and tired. Remember how I was so excited about going back to school this semester? That hasn’t ended completely, but it’s become more tiresome than I had expected. Under a pile of reading and 2 research assignments I’m finding little time to do anything else. Of couse, all I want to do is anything else.

I’ve been horribly slacking on finishing my Noro Washington Socks. As much as I want to wear them right now, I’m still plodding away (slowly) on sock number 2.
Sock photoshoot crasher

I started Mom’s clapotis, but we decided to stay with just the Knit Picks Gloss in black, rather than doubling it up with the Gossamer in Red Hat. It looked ok, but not what was really wanted. This will be a slow knit since I don’t have a deadline, and Mom wants to make sure I get my homework done.
Mom's Clapotis

While juggling school, work, and knitting, Kasy and I are also piecing together my touring bike, for the BIG trip. We received the last of the parts today, when my brake levers arrived. I need to find something to get the black paint off of the bicycle rims, though. Easy Off Oven Cleaner isn’t working and when I went to the local hardware store, all the paint removers were unsafe for aluminum. My rims are aluminum. What to do? I want to get started on lacing up the wheels, which is the biggest part of putting the bicycle together. Hopefully I can find something this weekend to remove the paint. Until then, she’s just going to be sitting around like this–
The touring bike!
I’m using a Ritchey mountain bike frame from ’86/’87 that I bought on Ebay a few months back. We’ve installed the Phil Wood bottom bracket and Chris King headset. I pulled out my blue Arkel panniers and they are sure to match beautifully with the beat-up blue of the frame. Very exciting stuff.

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