Knitting beats grad school any day

February 15, 2008

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to make for this month’s Project Spectrum. The element is fire, so I thought I would use my recent purchase from the Yarn Nerd.

Yarn Nerd Mustard Wine
1500MHz Merino Superwash “Mustard Wine” 100 grams/225 yards

I have 2 skeins of this, and love how it’s a ruddy, rusty red, with splashes of yellow-ish gold. Socks come to mind, but no pattern really jumps out at me. Luckily I have a little more time to complete this element…

I’d much rather knit than complete grad school. After a frustrating meeting with my advisor last night I started to wonder if I should have actually dropped out last semester when I thought about it. My thesis project idea was rejected, so now I’m back to square one. Again, luckily I have plenty of time to figure this out, but I am stumped. Frustrated with school and lost with how I want to finish my program. I can always fall on the safety of writing a thesis on land preservation and brownfields, but I was hoping to do something a bit more innovative. Oh well. At least it’s almost the weekend.

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