Early morning snow walks

February 22, 2008

It finally snowed in Philly!I had to be at work at 7am this morning for a meeting. Upon waking up and discovering that it snowed all night, I was filled with mixed emotions. I love snow and have been waiting for it for months and months. I don’t love having to go in to the office at 7am. Ehh, it all worked out, and I got to have a morning romp in the chilly white flakes…while wearing my Noro Washington Socks. Finally got around to stitching that left toe shut last night, and here they are.

Noro Socks

Noro Sock Yarn
Size 1 dpn
Simple ribbed, heel-flap socks
Ravelry Project page

I took copiuous notes when making the right sock, in hopes that my socks would match (in all but colors, since Noro is so multicoloredly lovely). Well, either I measured wrong, or read my measurements wrong, or am just really out of it sometimes because the toes don’t match. Left is a little bigger than Right, yet left has a longer unribbed toe than Right. Le sigh. Maybe my next socks will be better formatted to be a fitting pair. They’re still comfortable, colorful, and warm. Numerous compliments, and a chance to see how my birk london’s show off handknit socks. All in all a winner!

Rumor has it that the snow will be all rained away by nighttime. How lame is that?

It snowed in Philadelphia!


4 Responses to “Early morning snow walks”

  1. Dee Says:

    I am in LOVE with those socks. I think I.MUST.BUY.SOME.NORO!

    Thanks for the snow shot … I’m an ex-Philadelphian (Abington) sorely missing home right now. 😉

  2. Annie Says:

    I LOVE your socks! Makes me want to knit up my Noro socks. What color did you use? I may have to get some.

  3. […] Philadelphia has been warm and amazingly pleasant these past few days (an amazing contrast from the snow of a few weeks ago). Drinking wine with old friends on the stoop of my house is a great way to spend a Tuesday night. […]

  4. This socks are great, I love the yarn you used. But waking up early is not so nice!!!! haha


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