Winter ills

February 26, 2008

I’m kind of sick of school. I’m kind of at home today with swollen tonsils. I fear that this will be another bout of tonsilitis, which means they probably need to get pulled. So while staying home from work today, snoozing with the kitty on the couch and avoiding thinking about my exam in tonight’s class, I’ve been knitting up a storm.

Tattoo covering #1

I cast on to the Two Toned Shrug in Fitted Knits. I had purchased a bunch of wool in olive green and grape heather from ebay a couple of years ago, but haven’t thought much about it. I used a skein of the green for Kasy’s Dashing. For this shrug I decided to crack into the purple and try it out. I’m following the pattern for 18” back measurement. I hope that’s correct. This is my first attempt at sweater knitting, and the pattern is easy easy easy. I hear, on Ravelry, that soaking/washing the wool in a hair conditioner rinse when blocking will help to soften up the yarn. It isn’t itchy, but it could use some softening. A bit stiffer wool than I prefer. This sweater gives me hope to make many, multicolored, office sweaters that appropriately cover my tattoos without having to be a basic black cardi.

I haven’t been working on Kasy’s socks too much, and I hope to pump those out shortly. They are much over due for him. While juggling school and this recent knitting frenzy, I’ve also been trying to fit in working on my touring bike.
We’ve received everything, and I polished my lovely honey brown Brooks saddle with Obenauf’s as well as my birk Londons, in hope they continue to soften up more. Anyways, I laced up my wheels over the weekend, and can’t wait to tension them this weekend. After the wheels are done, the bicycle can be completely assembled…and I’ll be ready to go!

Touring Bicycle wheels (handbuilt)


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