Failed knitting attempt

March 7, 2008

Failed knitting attempt

Nope. This yarn did not work with this pattern. A disappointment, especially since it seemed to be working all the way up until I tried the damn thing on. I’ll be frogging this and trying the pattern again, after I see what yarns everyone on Ravelry has successfully used. I think the purple wool would make some really cute Elefante, though…so it isn’t all a loss.

In the meantime, I had plenty of other things to finish knitting, even though I am currently awaiting the arrival of some great purple tweed to make myself a cardigan. I’m so impatient!

2 Responses to “Failed knitting attempt”

  1. Violet Says:

    I hate when I have to finally admit defeat. My friend Leah knit the shrug in malabrigo (link), and I think her’s turned out really great, so I might opt for that yarn when I finally get around to making it.

  2. […] March 11, 2008 in 2008 knits, crafts, knitting, philadelphia My knitting has been soaring off the needles. Well, not really off since I haven’t finished anything since the horrid failed knitted sweater. […]

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