March 11, 2008

My knitting has been soaring off the needles. Well, not really off since I haven’t finished anything since the horrid failed knitted sweater.

Mom's ClapotisWorking diligently on Mom’s requested Clapotis, I’m almost finished with the increase section. Close to the end of my second skein of Gloss in black, I spent 30 minutes hunting around for my third skein of yarn to continue with. Lo and behold, after not finding it and checking my order history on Knit Picks, I learned that I only ordered 2 skeins. What was I thinking? I knew that it took more than 2 skeins, yet I only ordered 2? This little puppy will be hibernating until I get paid at the end of the month and can justify more shipping costs for yarn.

Well, in the meantime, I can work on Kasy’s long awaited knee socks. I picked them up again after a few weeks sitting on the bookcase and managed to get through the calf increases. I don’t know why these are taking me so long? I should be done with at least one sock by now. I’ve been so ADD lately with starting and stopping projects. But, with the clapotis on the shelf, maybe I can finally finish these for my dearest before winter is over.
Kasy's Pseudo Rugby Knee socks

Do you know what my fingers are really itching to start, though? The Central Park Hoodie, aptly renamed the Rittenhouse Square Hoodie in honor of my current homebase of Philadelphia, and my old neighborhood and favorite park in the city, out of this lovely purple tweed from Debbi Bliss. Oh, and I totally didn’t order enough of this either. When I received my yarn the other day and opened it up I knew that I was short by a lot. Try about 5 skeins short. Thank goodness WEBS is so awesome at customer service. After a quick phone call, customer service sent out 5 more skeins in the same dyelot number that same day. Phew. I need to start doing my math more correctly….
Debbi Bliss aran tweed


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