Neverendingly busy

March 24, 2008

I feel like I’ve been running around doing a million things, these past couple of days. Of course, I managed to get a few naps in there too, but still. At least I feel accomplished…in every aspect but graduate school. But we’ll ignore that for now.

I finished the back of my Sunrise Circle Jacket. Again, this is seriously such a great pattern so far. It’s clearly written and you’re able to put it down and pick it up and not feel lost. Kate Gilbert really has a knack at writing patterns with those 2 qualities (my experience with the Clapotis was the same).
Finished back of Sunrise Circle Jacket
I’m also really enjoying working with the Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed. I’m not looking forward to all the ends I’ll inevitable have to weave in since the yardage per skein is minimal. The purple tweed that I’m using is so lovely. I haven’t been able to capture it’s hue exactly yet, but trust me. It’s a deep purpley that seems so joyful with the blue and red tweed flecks in it. I’m not even a purple fan!

Left sleeve of Sunrise Circle Jacket
I started the left sleeve immediately after binding off the back, and I’m already way behind the few inches shown in this picture. Just zip zip zipping along. I’m hoping to finish this sweater in the next week and a half so I can start utilizing it as my official spring jacket this year. I might need to think about adding a secret pocket on the inside with some Liberty of London fabric I have floating around. Somehow having no pockets on a jacket is silly to me.

Kasy and I finally finished my 2 touring bike wheels. It was late when they were finished so the pictures I took weren’t nearly as nice as I would have wanted. I need to take her outside for a proper photoshoot. I’m very excited at the prospect of her being finished and ready to ride for our first camp-out of the year, in two weeks.

Oh, and I think I may have officially checked out for the semester. Spring break is over and my brain hasn’t fully come back to “class in session” mode. This year’s change in seasons is being felt more intensely, by me, this year than any years before. I’m itching to get out of the house but also longing to not do anything. I know other Philadelphians dealing with lingering winter blues, but shouldn’t that pass by now? I mean, it is officially spring and all.


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