Intensely connected

March 28, 2008

Last night I had my first massage therapy session, with my good friend Jennifer. I have never had a professional massage, let alone “massage therapy.” I think I’m going to start a regime for this. It was incredibly intense, and by the end, as the room was filled with lavender scents and Jennifers hands were lightly pressed against my sternum, my body felt an incredible energy. The closest description I can think of is that it felt as though my body was levitating above the table.

After a pleasant chat, and a short walk back to our apartments, I sat with Kasy and watched an interesting documentary on tv and went to bed, feeling exhausted and relaxed.

If anyone in the Philadelphia area is interested in seeing a licensed massage therapist, Jennifer is incredibly talented. Her website, with contact information and her philosophy and what she specializes in, can be found here: Jennifer Ann Huttenberger, LMT.

As a cyclist and knitter, a fact she is aware of, she spent some much needed time on my hands, calves and feet. I am very aware of my body today, in a good way. I’m looking forward to going home and trying the Epsom Salt soak she recommended as well.

Now I just need to start the yoga regime I’ve always wanted to get into and perhaps my body can start stretching and strengthening in the way I know it is capable of. I’m determined to strengthen my core, especially for the sake of my bicycle touring, as I find myself leaning harder than I should on my hands the longer I ride. I also have decided to start meditation as a tactic to reduce my stress, anxiety, and all over worry-wort-ness. Since it’s Spring, and the right time to “turn over a new leaf,” this is when I’m going to start focusing more on my mind-body-spirit connection.


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