Making decisions

April 2, 2008

It’s not that I’m indecisive. I know what I want to do, it’s just that I worry if my decision is what I should be doing. I constantly second-guess myself. Constantly.

The latest, and most pressing question, that I need to resolve is:

Do I buy an expensive ticket to see my beloved Pearl Jam (with Ted Leo, of all people!) in Camden on June 19th? Do I save the money and just listen to my many Pearl Jam and Ted Leo albums instead? Which would I really enjoy more?

The answer is not as simple as it seems, cause I’m stumped.


2 Responses to “Making decisions”

  1. Mariss Says:

    I feel for you! I’m the type that likes to save, but I think when it comes to live shows, especially if it is a band you really care about — the money is worth the experience. And if it’s a great show, you’ll be glad and remember it for years to come. (Now if I could only go back in time and see Guns N Roses in 92 and make my mom let me go 😉 Ha ha ha.

    Treat yourself if you can, and save in other areas in the next couple of months to make up the difference.

    Now if I could do the same with deciding to visit a friend, but wanting to pay off my credit card instead, and NOT wanting to see a certain show…

  2. Hummmm…. save the $$$. Ted Leo comes around Philly regularly, and his shows (sans Pearl Jam) are cheap, cheap, cheap. And they’re usually at The Church, which is way nicer (and closer!) than Camden. Then again… I’d likely not follow my own advice to save the $$$, so there you go.

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