PA is all a twitter…

April 18, 2008

with the upcoming primary, of course! Philadelphia, and more specifically the University of Pennsylvania, was the host for the Stephen Colbert Report for the past week. And guess what? I totally got a ticket and went to the Thursday night taping. I guess there are perks to my office job after all…

While waiting outside the auditorium with some coworkers, we spotted John Edwards sneaking in the side. I think we might have been the only ones to see him. He’s surprisingly short in real life…and his hair looks soft like velvet. After waiting 45 minutes in the lobby with the other VIPs (yes…for once in my life I was a VIP) and impatient, annoying students behind us, we finally got inside. Stephen Colbert is adorable…and also surprisingly short. He’s like a mini-Colbert in real life. And he did a handstand for us. Really, man, he is just so cute. Anyways. There was a Hillary sighting, as she had a bit part on the show, the Ed-Word by John Edwards, who got an amazing cheering round of applause, and an interview with the PA (D) Representative Patrick Murphy (the only rep who has served in Iraq). At the end there was a video-call with Obama which was cute too. I wish they let us bring cameras in there…cause really, what is this story without some candid shots of political figures and a “political figure.”

Well, our primary is next week and I’ve made my decision. I’m ready for PA to stop being all primary talk. It’s kind of repetitive since, you know, practically every other state has done this already and I’ve been keeping up with it in the news.

One Response to “PA is all a twitter…”

  1. Mariss Says:

    That is too cool! You got to meet Stephen Colbert?!?! I love his show, and last night they showed the PECO building reading, “Philadelphia Loves Colbert Nation”. Then he acted like it was a one night stand. ha ha ha.

    Sounds like an awesome time. I voted this morning, and am done with the phone calls 🙂

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