Wow, time passes quick when you’re moving…

June 3, 2008

Hi there! A couple days turned into a week and I’m still overwhelmed with moving. I’m going to forgo a proper blog post about the camping trip to French Creek State Park. There are pictures in a Flickr set here that illustrate how awesome the weekend was. At one point we met 2 other bicycle tourists on their way to North Carolina too. It was a lot of biking and lots of fun. Most recommended for any locals–camp in French Creek. It’s gorgeous.

So yeah, I’ve “officially” moved out of West Philadelphia and into deep South Philadelphia and this was done purely by bicycle. The last bits were made the morning of May 31st, the day my lease was up. If you move a queen size bed, bed-frame, dining room table, and box of misc. stuff at 6am, you’d be surprised at how much respect you garner from others on the street. We were the talk of the town…

[Sorry for the bad photo quality. These were taken with my cell-phone camera]

Moving house by bicycle

Moving house by bicycle

Moving house by bicycle

Now that the move is complete, my non-work hours are sucked into unpacking, destashing, decluttering, and making sense of material possessions. Yuck. Needless to say, the local thrift store (Second Mile on 45th street) and other charity drop-boxes have gotten a ton of great stuff that I don’t want anymore. I hope that others find use from my clothes, shoes, and superfluous kitchen-ware.

Edited to add: Oh and I totally got my septum pierced yesterday and I love it! Granted, I’ve been sneezing a whole bunch since and it’s a tad sore, but that’s ok. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get my ears pierced or if my 1 piercing at a time will reside solely on my nose (I used to have my nostril pierced, for those who aren’t in the know…)


9 Responses to “Wow, time passes quick when you’re moving…”

  1. preita Says:

    You freaking ROCK. I just moved and I think it would have taken me over a month of trips on bike. Course, we have a LOT of stuff.

    Now you just have to unpack! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Mariss Says:

    Oh, Sweet Jesus. You guys are amazing! I cannot believe that you moved everything by bicycle, that is so impressive (and totally blowing my mind right now). It must make it easier to not buy lots of things and be a pack rat!

    I saw a dude yesterday riding a bike, with two or three bike frames and tires strapped over his shoulders like a backpack. I thought of you!

  3. Mariss Says:

    P.S. Yay for scrap afghans / quilts! That is one area where I try my best not to hoard — yarn!

  4. Shaina Says:

    Wow! I’ve always been convinced that one day I will move via bike instead of begging my one car-owning friend to move me, but I need to get myself a bike trailer. Did you build yours or buy it?

    That’s pretty impressive – I hope you didn’t have to go up any steep hills!

  5. jamilynnfitz Says:

    Are we going to get pictures of the new piercing? Oh, and ditto on the trailer- build it or buy it?

  6. Andrea Says:

    Oh yes. Pictures of the piercing will come. After I crawl out from under my boxes of moving. =(

    As for the trailer—

    Purchased from Bikes at Work ( and then the plywood floor was bolted in, by hand, by my boyfriend Kasy. Holds approx. 300lbs. It’s amazing.

  7. Andrea Says:

    Wait, did anyone already say you rock? Because you do! You rock! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I got a good laugh about your lack of ear piercing. I graduated to a nose and belly piercing and have totally ignored the 5 piercings in my ears…to the point where they have closed. Something too normal about them.

  8. Shannon Says:

    That is so awesome. You are totally inspiring. If you know of any single bike enthusiasts who wanna be hooked up, hook me up haha. I think I’d love this lifestyle, but I need pushing a bit more – I always end up with people who are more homebodies than me.

  9. lolly Says:

    I totally admire your sensibility and your drive. This is amazing.

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