Quick update

June 11, 2008

The past few days have been full of events. My card reader for my Nikon Coolpix 5700 is broken, apparently, so all the photos sitting on my flash card will continue to sit there for another day or so until I buy a replacement.

So the recap is this. Details are forthcoming.

1. Went biking to camp in Goshen Pond in Wharton State Park in NJ.
2. Got heat exhaustion towards the end of the ride there. Swimming in a pond was a life saver.
3. Sunday was fine, albeit hot hot hot and tiring on the 30 mile ride back to Philadelphia.
4. Monday I took off of work and went to the Brandywine Museum with my Mom. It was amazing.
5. Tuesday I woke up feeling awful with a headache, sore throat, aches, dizziness, all over weird wooziness, etc. My co-worker brought me to the ER for more heat exhaustion. Got 2 IVs of fluids, 1 IV of some meds for my headache and 100 degree fever, and slept for many hours. Fever spiked to 102.9 so they administered a CT scan and wanted to do a spinal tap (yikes!) for the headache that didn’t go away. Took more tylenol and my fever broke, headache went away, CT scan came back fine, and I was discharged with no tap done.
6. Tuesday night I got another fever of 102, took a cool bath, cold compresses, and ibuprofen. Fever went down. Huge thunderstorm broke nature’s fever and that helped.
7. Wednesday morning was lovely in the cooler breezes. I’m not allowed to go to work for 2 days. Trying to keep cool and deal with my sore throat. Need to make a DR appointment. I wonder if I have strep throat?

Oi vey, what a heat wave this turned out to be….


One Response to “Quick update”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Sounds rough girl. Sit back, relax and knit while you have time off.

    And you were right to avoid that spinal tap. I got one years ago and it was HORRIBLE. They had me screaming in the ER. No one should have a needle poked into their spine when they are conscious. Especially since there isn’t a true science to get it right the first time (everyone’s spine is different) thus multiple poking and screaming. But I did have meningitis, so I guess my tap was worth it…

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