Feeling like there’s lots to do

June 18, 2008

What I should do:

  • Find a birthday present for my dad
  • Clean up hard-drive on laptop and send computer to IBM to fix the speakers since they aren’t working right now (*sniff)
  • Take photos of stash and upload to Ravelry to try to destash and knit from stash
  • Finish draft blog post regarding camping trip, Brandywine River Museum, and Bike Freedom Valley
  • Laundry laundry laundry laundry
  • Visit family in New York
  • Put up shelves in bedroom

What I want to do

So, as I figure out how to balance my time between these lists, I leave you with this lovely image of my lovely cat, in her new pink “I’m allowed outside!” harness. It’s kind of hilarious.

To all the naysayers


3 Responses to “Feeling like there’s lots to do”

  1. lolly Says:

    What I should do:
    WORK (I am at work, but I am reading blogs!)

    What I want to do:
    Read more blogs
    Read your post about camping 🙂

  2. Andrea Says:

    I’m discovering as an adult that the lists of “what I should do” and “what I want to do” never gets smaller. Only bigger. Not to depress you…

    I think the minute “should” hits my brain I fight back with a childish attitude and run off to knit…

  3. Darcy Watts Says:

    I love the pictures and getting to go on this trip with you finally in a sense I got out of the house.lol hugs Darcy
    I like your cat also:)

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