365 days in a year

June 26, 2008

I recently started participating in the ‘365 Days‘ photo project on Flickr and am enjoying it (I also post in the group on flickr of 365 days, the knitterly and crafty types which I am thoroughly enjoying). It’s an interesting exercise in viewing myself in my environment. For someone with body image issues and problematic self-esteem levels, one would think this would be a painful undertaking. No?

No way! I think it’s actually working out the opposite. I’m focusing on parts of me that I like and through self posing and setting up self-portrait shots, I can take the harsh critic out of the equation and view myself in photos as I would any other person…all without focusing too strongly on trying to look “right” or “good” because that’s not what the exercise is about. It’s about merely capturing the year for myself and of myself. And it should be as close to real as I can get it.

Focusing on the coffee

Here’s my Flickr set if you’re interested in following along. Friend me on Flickr, especially if you are in the 365days too. I’d love to follow you along as well!


3 Responses to “365 days in a year”

  1. Mariss Says:

    You are a gorgeous girl! I’m sorry to hear that you have the image issues that many women (and men) do.

    I will think about the Bike Philly thing. That sounds scary (I may need to work up to that), but it does fall on my brother’s b’day, and I like to do something fun/scary and different on those anniversaries! I’ll keep ya posted! Have a great weekend, Andrea 🙂

  2. lolly Says:

    hmmm, very interesting indeed. You see, I had the opposite issue with 365, and that is why I just don’t do it much anymore. I too have a whole list of issues with my body and self-esteem (who doesn’t?) but I felt even more vulnerable on there. I didn’t like the way it was going for me. Perhaps it was my timing when I started back in May. I was in a pretty low place, and it was turning ugly fast.

    That being said, I am glad that you do 365, and to see that you are getting good things out of it. I like seeing you, that is for sure.

    …your shirt reminds me how close we actually were to meeting each other… someday. I would love to hang out 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    What a great idea! I truly wish we could destroy “body issues” but once it takes hold it is hard to get rid of it. As for me taking 365 photos, my problem is taking the time to process the photos, download them, etc etc. Hrumph. So I’ll just have to enjoy yours! And I love your photos. So crisp and clean. Fascinating. Something for me to work towards…

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