How quickly time passes

July 7, 2008

Another camping trip down. We spent the long weekend for July 4th at Goshen Pond in Wharton State Park (in the NJ Pine Barrens). This time we had a group of 7 camping, which lead to many hilarious stories and crazy antics while swimming in a swamp full of strange and mysterious slimy things.

Touring Bicycles

Summer is passing so quickly, yet I haven’t really gotten a good handful of time out of these longer days. Probably has something to do with my current state of the blues and overwhelmingness. It’s difficult to have that split within yourself, watching the world pass you by and wishing to be a stronger part of it while not knowing how to do that exact thing. So during this moment, I am reading lots of interesting books about the state of being, state of mind, and state of emotions, and mindfullness, and knitting as much as I can. Even though I haven’t finished my Wicked sweater yet, or cast on for my February Lady Sweater even though my yarn finally arrived, I cast on to WeaverknitsTempest (my ravelry project page is here)cause I love the cardigan so much and the Fleece Artist BFL yarn that I chose. It’s kind of hard to put it down, actually.

Camp knitting

I started swatching on Thursday, brought my enormous center pull balls of yarn with me camping, and am 3/4 done with the back already. Wooo!

Right now, I am celebrating an easy Monday back to work after a long weekend with Law and Order re-runs and more Tempest knitting. Why didn’t I pick up beer on the way home? That would have made the evening even more pleasant. Hrumpf.

2 Responses to “How quickly time passes”

  1. cici Says:

    Nice blog.. Looks like you might find some great spots to knit. I love this photo. Are you the only knitter?

  2. Erik Says:

    Is that a Klean Kanteen I see next to the beer can in the picture? If so, you know as well as I do just how durable and clean these things are. By the way, nice blog you have here as I click my way through WordPress…

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