Celebratory Camping

July 20, 2008

This weekend marks my 1 year anniversary with my dear Kasy. We celebrated the occasion by taking a 2 night camp trip (approx 92miles biked in total) to NJ.

Leaving Friday night, after work, we biked from Philadelphia to Wharton State Forest. Even though this was the third time camping in Goshen Pond, when it got dark and we relied on headlamps to light our way down the dirt road, I was still nervous and longing to get to the campground. We arrived shortly after 10pm, decided to forgo the tent and sleep under the stars, and drank our cold ciders that we picked up before getting to the site. = 30miles

In the morning, we packed up quick and headed out of Wharton State Forest, to Brendan T. Byrne State Forest (formerly named Lebanon State Forest. No idea why the name changed). We knew where we were going, but had never ridden to this Forest before. The roads weren’t bad (route 70) and the shoulder was wide, so cars navigating their way to the NJ shore didn’t bother us. It was hellishly hot, but we stayed super hydrated. All along the side of the road, the grass was filled with grasshoppers who kept flying up when we passed. Somehow this sight never got old. In fact, it was quite beautiful and helped keep the ride light and lively. We arrived at Brendan T. Byrne State Forest and registered ourselves to camp. At $20/night the campground was a bit pricey (especially since primitive camping in Goshen Pond is $2/person/night) but the grounds were very nice. It felt like the campground was placed snuggly within the Forest without changing the landscape. We swam in the *no swimming* pond, which ended up being very refreshing and relaxing, and read by the waterside until dinner. = 30miles

Brendan T. Byrne camp site

Sunday morning we woke pretty early for the amount of cycling done in the previous 24 hours. By 9am we were on the road headed back to Philadelphia.

Biking through NJ

We took route 70 back until it got a bit chaotic and busy, when we switched over to route 73 and then side roads to Haddonfield Road which led us right back to Camden, NJ. Another super hot day, this time coupled with a really strong headwind for the duration of our ride. It took longer than anticipated because of this, but a nice ice cream and soda break in Haddonfield NJ was the ticket to gathering a smattering of energy to carry us the last 10miles home. = approx 32miles

Much needed ice cream soda stop

I am officially pooped. The evening is saved for vegetating and laying low. Hope you all had a great couple of days too!

Edited to add: Wow this blog entry kind of sucks. I blame that on my intense exhaustion and the fact that I didn’t knit a thing all weekend! Must take care of these two things right away!


4 Responses to “Celebratory Camping”

  1. lolly Says:

    No, this post does NOT suck! sleeping under the stars? bicycles? sweet anniversaries? great photos? what is not to love? 🙂 I haven’t been able to ride or bike much lately, and I really miss it…

  2. Mariss Says:

    Ditto! Awesome post. Who has time for knitting after all of THAT?!

  3. HsG Says:

    Good weather, good view, and a long nice riding trip.
    Looks great.

  4. Chelsea Says:

    total inspiration if you ask me. my boyfriend is super into bicycling and he’s always been trying to plan a trip like this for the two of us. our 6 year anniversary is coming up, maybe i’ll throw the idea past him? looks like you two had a great time!

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