My new look is orange

July 25, 2008

After a couple lovely years with my dark brown and pink Reaction glasses, they broke. Very unexpectedly and sad.


A quick trip to buy new glasses, and a couple days impatiently waiting, my new glasses are finally here. And they are titanium. And orange. And totally awesome.

Andrea Approves

7 Responses to “My new look is orange”

  1. Mariss Says:

    I would be lost without my glasses (or contacts). I’m blind as a bat! Sorry that your glasses broke, but the new ones are way fun!

  2. preita Says:

    They are so damn cute! Nice pick! I’m about ready for some new frames. 2 years is all I can go with the same frames. 😀

  3. lolly Says:

    oh, they are adorable! and so are you!

  4. michael Says:

    Love the orange! Today is a glasses kind of day for me (normally contacts)

  5. Shannon Says:

    Nice. I really need new frames, but I don’t like the current, very square styles – they just don’t suit my face and generally tend to be too big too. Sigh. Your old glasses are WHAT I WANT.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Wow, those are totally spiff!

  7. Andrea Says:

    Love the new glasses! I’m quite jealous since orange is one of my favorite colors.

    I got a good laugh at the picture of your broken glasses. They look exactly like my last pair which broke in exactly the same location about 2 months ago. It happened at work and I’m blind without them. I had to tape them together (coworkers got a good laugh) and drive off to get a new pair. The tape wasn’t so good and each half would start to tip down at the outside edges – like an inverted V. Made driving quite difficult!

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