Where did October go???

October 22, 2008

Well, I’m sure you are all tired of photos from everyone’s blogs chatting about Rhinebeck right?


On the way to Rhinbeck with Mom

Mom and I got up early on Saturday morning and drove up to Rhinebeck, NY. It was only a 2 hour drive from NYC suburbs, and not at all dull. The leaves haven’t peaked here in Philadelphia, nor have they in downstate NY by my parents. But man oh man. Upstate autumn leaves? Yes, Please! Amazingly gorgeous, and with the bright blue sky and the chilly breezes, the day was a perfect setting for the Sheep and Wool festival. (My grandmother bowed out of the trip, due to the cold weather and a flare up of arthritis. I fear getting arthritis when I’m old. I know it’s in my future…).

Both of us were a bit overwhelmed by the intense crowds at the fairgrounds. It was my first year going. Are the crowds always that big??? Maybe it was just cause it was so chilly that everyone huddled into the barns at the same time. Maybe Ravelry got more and more people going, who had never gone before. *shrug*

We watched the sheep dog competitions, and now I want a sheep dog….and a sheep, of course. Wandered through all the barns, touched lots of pretty things, and bumped into some of my mother’s colleagues from the publishing world.

I’ve been buying more yarn than usual over these past few months, and have mentally been chastising myself for any more. I knew, however, that I would be buying a little something for myself at Rhinebeck, because…well…it’s Rhinebeck. And I need to get some sort of souvenir yarn, right?

100% Icelandic Wool laceweightLopi ReynoldsTrekking Pro NaturaMy simple neckerchief

I came away with just 3 balls of yarn — 100% Icelandic laceweight, undyed; Lopi Reynolds bulky weight in blue; Trekking ProNatura wool/bamboo in blue — and a small bottle of wool wash.

My camera came home full of pictures of animals and leaves. I still need to upload most of them to my Rhinebeck Flickr Set

Oh, and I finished that little neckerchief and wore it for the day. It came in quite handy in keeping the chill off my neck, so there’s another plus about the day.

So going back next year. And my Mom wants to, also. Score!


In non Rhinebeck related blogging, I’m almost ready to post a photo tutorial for toe-up socks. The first version, which I am planning on posting on Friday October 24, 2008, will just be for the average sock. I need some lead time in knitting on my sample sock to take photos for the second half of the tutorial, which will talk about simple calf increases to make your toe-up sock a knee high, or thigh high, or whatever high you need done. I hope that works for all of you.

Oh, and by the way, did anyone else notice that we are 1.5 weeks away from November already? When the heck did that happen?!

5 Responses to “Where did October go???”

  1. Mariss Says:

    I was wondering where it went just today too! It’s my birthday month next one, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday 🙂

    Rhineback looks like it was fun! I’m jumping all over the place, but really wanted to say — YES, you need to get souvenier yarn and support the indie businesses, and I think you should get an alpaca instead of a sheep. They’re just cooler 😉

  2. Lauren Says:

    that laceweight looks beautiful – I love undyed wool. And Trekking ProNatura is one of my absolute favorite sock yarns right now – it’s so comfortable to wear.

  3. Christi Says:

    Wow! I’m really impressed by your discipline! I couldn’t make it up to Rhinebeck, but I am headed to Stitches East at the beginning of November and I fear the damage that will be done. I’ve been on complete and total yarn buying hiatus since August in order to prepare.

  4. cici Says:

    I need to do Rhinebeck… hopefully next year. I am anxious to see your tutorial on toe up socks.

  5. Jemima Says:

    I read about the Rhinebeck festival on Ravelry and was writhing about with jealousy. We get the Stitches West conference, which is enormous, but it’s in a dreadful generic conference center so not as cool as your changing leaves and country-vibe. Last time I went to a yarn show, I made a pact that I would only buy yarn I couldn’t get at my yarn shop—specialty yarn as it were. Only it’s ALL specialty. God, I spent so much money it was insane. Still, it’s fun to squirrel some away for winter. When you need inspiration, there’s your fancy Icelandic yarn!

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