Oh, February.

February 2, 2009

Wow, this first month just ran by, didn’t it? It’s already February, when it felt like New Year’s Day was last week.

January was a whirlwind of working, thesis research, knitting, and stressing over my last semester in graduate school.

YIP 2009 | 1.27.09 | Oh, Ben.

We had a brief dusting of snow, towards mid-month, which was just a big ole tease. Winter this year is a loser! Everyone else seems to be getting snow upon snow, yet Philadelphia is getting the short end of the stick.

YIP 2009 | 1.28.08 | Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

And by stick, I’m referring to the ice covered ones from the “snow storm” we apparently had. I think they meant to say “snow that is soon covered in lots of ice storm.”

And so it goes, January has come and gone. I’ve been continuing to knit when I should be writing, but hopefully I’ll get myself in gear to switch that around.

Ishbel is now in the lace knitting stage, which has caused it to stall some, since it isn’t easy to read charts while watching a movie or reading journal articles. My goal is to get it finished by Valentine’s Day. It’s a gorgeous red, so it seems fitting.

Ishbel WIP

I also cast-on for a pair of Charade socks. I was originally using Opal cotton for a pair of toe-up socks but they started really bad pooling/spiraling that I knew I would hate, so off the needles they came. Instead, I decided to try a different sock yarn that my Dad brought back for me from Germany. Of course, I lost the ballband and so I’m guesstimating that it’s Wolle Rödel Sport & Strumpfwolle Seide – Color.


The orange is great and I like the little patches of black lines that pop up. The Charade pattern is a nice way to dress them up a bit, without becoming overwhelmed by color or overwhelming the color. These are my thesis socks. Over the weekend I alternated a few rows of this with reading a few journal articles.

In March I’ll be headed to Pittsburgh for a few days to do research for my thesis. Any good yarn stores that I should check out??


One Response to “Oh, February.”

  1. cici Says:

    I agree… it’s going to fast!!!! I love both your socks and the shawl.. especially the color

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