Totally Rewarding

May 18, 2009

I just graduated!

I didn’t really want to take part in the graduation ceremony from Penn. I’m not big on pomp and these big celebrational things, but I promised my family that I would do it.

288 | 365 : I'm officially done! [127/365 - 2009]

O Hai. I just graduated from grad school!

And I did. And it was totally fun and a great way to mark the fact that…

I graduated from grad school yesterday, with a Master’s in Environmental Studies. It feels unreal to actually be finished with school, most likely, forever. Freedom never felt so good.


10 Responses to “Totally Rewarding”

  1. barefootrooster Says:

    congratulations! time to enjoy summer — you’ve earned it!

  2. robin Says:


  3. Sarah Says:


    (Is that Hill Field? It’s been so long since I was on campus that I don’t recognize parts of it.)

  4. preita Says:

    Congrats! What a monumental achievment!

  5. Andrea Says:

    You rock girl! Celebrate your freedom by reading and doing WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!

    BTW, once again we are way too similar. I didn’t want to go to my high school graduation, but was forced by my parents. My college graduation found me driving out of state for my idea of a perfect graduation…

  6. yahaira Says:

    yaaaayyyy!!!!! congrats!! let the crafting commence I say

  7. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Bust out the fun!

  8. Christi Says:

    Yay! Congrats! It must be so exciting to be done. Hard to believe I’m about to spend the next 3 years doing all that.

    Oooo and I love that you’ve got grad day jumpity action!

  9. Mariss Says:

    Congrats to you! What an achievement 🙂

  10. Lauren Says:

    congratulations! that’s quite an accomplishment!

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