Biking from Pittsburgh to Leesburg | Day 2

July 1, 2009

Day 2: Roundbottom Hiker Biker Site –> Confluence [approx. 39.8 mi]

On day two, we woke fairly early, packed up and headed back on the Allegheny Passage. Many great sites to see this day:

From old rail bridges covered in crazy neon graffiti (I totally think this is where the local kids come to drink and do it)…

Old rail bridge

To some adorb ducks who loved the camera…

Ducks! [YIP 2009 | 5.31.09]

Which reminds me, did you know that mallard ducks are seriously one of my fav animals? I grew up 2 houses from a lake that was full of ducks and geese, and I’m guessing that this has caused me to seriously adore these little things.

It was after our rest stop, with the ducks, that we started to cross the first of many intensely long bridges. Did you know that bridges are a big love of mine too? This day was made of magic!

Nearing Ohiopyle

Watching white water rafters

This bridge was right by Ohiopyle, which we were expecting to be kind of cool, and were disappointed to see that it’s some super recreation white water rafting town that is full of tourists and bro-dudes and overpriced and not that cool. Eh, you win some you lose some.

Onwards we went, since we still had a bit to go before our campgrounds that night. We were staying at Confluence, and had plans to eat at a diner the next morning. When Bob told us about the Confluence campsite, and that it’s run by the Army Corp of Engineers, we didn’t think it would be anything like it ended up being:

Campsite #2 | May 31, 2009

Seriously? Mowed, soft, squishy green grass to pitch the tent on, outlets by the grills (wtf? Though, I did charge my phone in it, but whatevs), and clean showers. CLEAN showers! It was kind of amazing. With very few mosquitoes to boot! So we filled our bellies and rested up, not knowing that even cooler sites would come on the following day.


2 Responses to “Biking from Pittsburgh to Leesburg | Day 2”

  1. Love the color in your photos. What camera are you using? My zoom feature on mine just became stuck. I think I need to replace it soon. I like your stories. Thanks for sharing. Jeff

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