Maiden Voyage

September 1, 2009

This past weekend, the last of August, Kasy and I took a little adventure. We hopped on our new scooter and headed out to Bucks County.

Oh. Didn’t I tell you? We bought a scooter a month ago! It’s a 2008 Genuine Stella scooter, in lovely avocado.

YIP 2009 | 7.18.09 | Our Stella

We’ve zipped around Philadelphia a few times, and now that Kasy has his official motorcycle license, we decided to hop on and get out of the city. That’s pretty much the reason we purchased it, on a whim.

So, where did we go? Nockamixon State Park, in Bucks County, is one we’ve wanted to visit for a couple of years, but it’s proximity to Philadelphia and the lack of campgrounds always made us choose other places to go.

Since this was our first time out, riding a long distance, we didn’t want to load up the scooter with any gear. We packed our backpacks, strapped them to the scoot, and headed out – destination being the Weisel Hostel at Nockamixon.

Weisel Hostel, Quakertown PA

The hostel is an old summer home from a wealthy family from long ago, according to the friendly and welcoming hostel host family. The grounds are gorgeous and we were fortunate enough to be the only people staying in the hostel that night! At $20/person/night, that is an awesome deal!

YIP 2009 | 8.29.09

We arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday, got all settled in and explored the grounds a bit, then headed off to Quakertown to pick up some food and drinks for dinner.

Goofin' around

Over night there was a crazy downpour, but by morning everything had cleared up and we were greeted by a gorgeous day! We checked out and took some photos by the neighboring abandoned barn, of both our scoot and a finished test knit of a cardigan I just completed.

Here’s a teaser, for you knitting folk:

FO 2009 | Honeybee Cardigan

Let me just say, keep an eye on Laura Chau’s blog (cosmicpluto knits!) for when she releases the Honeybee Cardigan. Jesh and I have worked hard on our tests of the pattern and we loved it. I’m sure you will too!

Ok, back to our trip. We had a quick breakfast at a local private campground that has a cafe (Tohickon Campgrounds). Their camping rates were really cheap, surprising since it’s a private campground and the state park doesn’t have any camping, so we might find ourselves back there for a visit sometime in the future.


We scooted through the Nockamixon State Park and explored a bit. Before we hopped on 611 back to the city, we decided to check out the dam on the map. It had an icon indicating that it was a photographer’s destination so we wanted to see what it was all about. Not thinking it would be very impressive, since when I think of a dam I think of something like the Hoover dam or something not very impressive.

YIP 2009 | 8.30.09

Well. I was wrong. We stopped on the side of the road where other cars were parked, and then looked up. And both of us uttered “oh my god.” Very gorgeous and very worth the 4 mile detour to see it.

225/365 - 2009 | dam girl, that thing is huge.

We got back to the city mid afternoon on Sunday and considered our weekend adventure a success. And we love our scoot even more.

on an adventure

Oh, don’t you worry! We aren’t hanging up our bicycles or bicycle touring at any point in our future. We just wanted to have a fun toy to help up explore further distances on weekends. We’re still all about bicycles and bicycle touring.


4 Responses to “Maiden Voyage”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I love your scooter! Adorable. Especially the color. I saw it in your sweater photos and thought this was a new purchase. Congratulations!

  2. lisa Says:

    I was wondering where you had taken all those beautiful shots of the honeybee cardi! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. So jealous of the scooter 🙂

  3. Mariss Says:

    Congrats on the new 2 wheelers 🙂 I went on a scooter for the first time in July of the year, and loved it. No need for excuses, we know you’re cyclists at heart 🙂

    I will HAVE to check out that damn. Thanks for the info! It looks like you and your cutie-o had a fantastic trip!

  4. knittingprettyindc Says:

    It looks lovely! Now that I’m around maybe I’ll have to head out there one weekend. Not on a scooter though, since a seemingly very minor scooter accident has had me on crutches for 4 weeks now. Seems there not for me. Glad you’re enjoying yours though! It did look like lots of fun.

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