Finished knits of 2009

January 8, 2010

Well, as many of you may be acutely aware of, this January is particularly chilly. I love winter and cold temperatures, but whew…only a week in to January and I’m counting down to warmer weather.

We had a brief flurry in the wee hours this morning…

a slight dusting to start the morning off

…which, coupled with the weird slightly warmer temperature of yesterday and the coldness of last night, created the ideal conditions for a lot of black ice in South Philly.

Regardless, I saddled up on the old steed and got myself to the office…

“Smile, breathe and go slowly” -  Thich Nhat Hanh [photo 6 for 2010]

…where I now sit, about to tell you the tale of the finished knits of ’09.


Finished in 2009

This year was the year of accessories and test knitting, it seems. Mind you, that might be more apparent to me since I know the vast amount of works-in-progress languishing in my studio.

I test knit a couple of big hitters, as you might re-call — the gorgeous Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau and the lovely Ulmus Rectangle by Kirsten of Through the Loops — but there were a few other test knits as well — Simple Things by the lovely Mary-Heather, Lavalette and the Miller Hat by Kirsten of Through the Loops and New Boots and Contracts by Ann of Weaverknits (as of 12/31/09, however, only 1 sock of the pair had been completed, so it isn’t included in my finished tally). None of those have made it to the blog quite yet…

So, what are the numbers for 2009?

six hats:
1. Thorpe (ravelry link) (blog post)
2. Felicity (ravelry link) (blog post)
3. Miller Hat test knit (ravelry link)
4. Handspun Felicity striped hat (ravelry link)
5. Turn a Square 1 for brother in law (ravelry link)
6. Turn a Square 2 for brother in law (ravelry link)

1 cowl:
Rowan striped cowl (ravelry link)

8 triangular scarves/shawls:
1. Landscape Shawlette in blue (ravelry link) (blog post)
2. Lavalette test knit (ravelry link)
3. Beaded Seraphim (
ravelry link)
4. Textured Shawl Kerchief, in garter stitch (ravelry link)
5. Simple Things test knit (ravelry link)
6. Cashmere Landscape shawlette (ravelry link)
7. Tweedy Textured Shawl (ravelry link)
8. Striped shawl (not shown in mosaic, cause I forgot about it!) (ravelry link) (blog post)

2 rectangular scarves:
1. Ulmus Rectangle (ravelry link) (blog post)
2. Melody Shawl (no FO pics were taken before it was gifted (ravelry link)

1 pair of socks:
toeless Charade socks (ravelry link)

2 toys:
Kiwi birds (ravelry link) (blog post)

1 circular shawl
Vortex Shawl (ravelry link)

2 sweaters
1. Honeybee Cardigan (ravelry link) (blog post)
2. Monday Morning Cardigan [still haven’t taken proper FO pictures] (ravelry link)

Wow, so looking at this makes me see how much I didn’t blog about. I’d like to blame it on finishing graduate school and the resulting summer of freedom, which pulled me out of the house and away from the computer (phew!).

What am I hoping to accomplish in 2010? I do have some crafting goals for the year:

-Reduce my knitting stash by 30%, which will involve crocheting a Hexagon blanket with a lot of scraps and lone skeins, and things without designated projects in mind.
-blog projects more regularly
-get back to sewing again, since I have many a quilt in progress and in mind

And the biggest of all…

Finish or Frog! I’ve gathered up my works-in-progress and want to finish the ones I know I will want and rip out the ones I’ve lost complete interest in.

What are your crafty, or non-crafty, goals for 2010?

3 Responses to “Finished knits of 2009”

  1. lisa Says:

    Holy finished objects, Batman!!!!! I am seriously impressed…what the hell have I been doing with my time?

  2. cici Says:

    that’s quite an impressive list. You Go Girl♥

  3. jane Says:

    I’m speechless! Your knits are amazing!
    My knitting goals include finishing at least one sweater which I love and wear, and I too will be playing ‘finish or frog’ with the contents of my knitting cupboard. And my non-knitting goals include baking more bread, joining a book group, and converting one of my bikes to singlespeed. Oh, and some sewing as well. I’d really better get started!

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