FO 2010 | Baby Vest

February 23, 2010

Our friends are having a baby in May, so what better time to try a baby knit. This is my first baby knit (!!!) and holy moly are they quick! I went into knitting knowing that the baby is a boy and will be named Elliot. Since I’m not a baby person and my friends have not started having babies yet (this is the first), I really am at a loss as to sizing for these tiny people. I didn’t want to knit something and have it be too small immediately, but I also didn’t want to knit something that would not be useful for months and months. The pattern is for a DK weight yarn, so I “sized up” by using worsted.

FO 2010 | wee vest for wee Elliott

After some sleuthing on Ravelry, I came across this adorable little vest. Buttons on both sides to easily put it on or take it off the infant, since you will not need to ever pull it over the head. Genius construction if you ask (baby-less) me.

Yarn choice was a tough one. I wanted something that could be popped in the wash, to be easy on the new mama, but not be something stiff and awful. I remembered a lone skein on Plymouth Encore Worsted I had, from my early days of learning to knit, and thought it would be perfect. Four hours later…voila!

FO 2010 | wee vest for wee Elliott

I cannot get over how damn adorable this vest is! Buttons were purposely mismatched and pulled from stash as well. I’m hoping that baby Elliot, when he arrives, enjoys wearing this.

Specs –

size 8 needles
Plymouth Encore Worsted in dark green, less than 1 skein used
Started and finished on January 27, 2010
ravelry page

I’ve heard through the grapevine that another couple we’re friends with is expecting a wee little girl. Perhaps another little vest is on the horizon…

One Response to “FO 2010 | Baby Vest”

  1. JennaKate Says:

    Very cute! The buttons are especially dear. Best wishes to the recipient 🙂

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