Looking up, a little late

March 1, 2010

Whoops! Forgot about this on Friday, so here we are on Monday, bringing you a list of smile-makers.

362/365.2 | rosie's yarn cellar

• My days have become more filled with social engagements and outings with friends. For that, I am tired and pleased.

• Daylight lasts until well after I get home from work. Spring is coming!!!

• Discovering new yarns that makes my heart sing. (Looking at you, Manos Rittenhouse Merino 5-ply. ❤ ❤ <3)

• Along with some knitter friends on twitter, March will be a month of no buying. I love the internet knitting community and how we come together to support each other, for both little things and big things.

• Having the house to myself for a few days, while Kasy attending the North American Handmade Bike show. He went down to the show with his shop, Bilenky Cycle works, so you can find all their pictures here on Flickr. And in a stroke of worlds colliding, in the best way, my flickr friend SleepyNeko, and her significant other, went to NAHBS, met Kasy and introduced themselves (knowing him from my flickr stream), and chatted things up about bicycles and tandems. I love that!

• Having Kasy come home and seeing how much we missed each other during those few days. Isn’t love grand?

Happy March everyone! What are you smiling about these days?

One Response to “Looking up, a little late”

  1. girlinredshoes33 Says:

    Happy March to you too! I decided to do the Buy nothing in March too, but I was wondering who was the originator? It is an awesome idea and I’d like to thank them!

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