One Shiny Bee | February blocks

March 21, 2010

I’m part of 2 virtual quilting bees this year. Here are 2 blocks for February, for the One Shiny Bee, with a bunch of flickr friends.

Shiny Bee | Jocelyn

Using fabrics from the Hope Valley collection, I made 1 scrappy pinwheel and 1 striped patchwork with some abstract applique.

The March blocks for this bee are all pinwheels! To be seen soon!

One Response to “One Shiny Bee | February blocks”

  1. Hi Andrea, A strange sequence of cyberspace events brought me to your blog (etsy customer wanted a custom sheep, she sent me gorgeous pics of sheep from Shetland, I started googling cycling vacations in Shetland, your blog post about the Shetland circle came up!)

    My Mom is in Philly, we are an hour south in Elkton, MD. I am a needle-felter and painter and also cycle (mountain biking) and am also struggling with organization, but then, who isn’t.

    I just wanted to say hello. Let you know that your blog is lovely; well written and dynamic photos.

    Good luck with your house and boat plan!


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