FO 2010: Drops Cardigan

June 9, 2010

I’m playing catch up on some early 2010 finished items, since I’m currently in the throws of knitting some super-awesome-super-secret projects for future consumption. Sure I have a lot of things in progress I can show you, but I’d rather clean the slate of lingering un-blogged finished things before we get to that.

The first thing I did in 2010, as you may recall, is make some crafty goals for myself, one of which being to finished anything lingering as a work-in-progress, and the other big one being to knit down and donate down my stash.

Well, within the first month of the year I finished a long lingering almost finished sweater. The infamous Drops cardigan.


I started this sweater in October of 2008, with hopes of it being a quick knit to become a staple for cold weather that year. Well, yes. It is a quick knit if you don’t do what I do and get antsy to cast on once you get so close to the end.

In December 2009, I picked it up and saw that I had it completely finished except for the ends of both sleeves, a collar, and seaming/blocking. Wow. How silly of me to leave it in this state for so long.


So, I finished it up and took it for a wet block. Wow. That Drops Eskimo really takes a long time to dry! Using some gray Cascade 220, I seamed this puppy up and put it on…

348/365.2 | a sea of shades

…and am not all that jazzed on it. I think it’s mostly due to me being a bit heavier than when I picked the size to knit. Luckily, since January I’ve lost some more of that finishing-grad-school-thesis-writing weight and think that this winter the sweater will be a bit more flattering.

A close up of the buttons, in case you were admiring them –
69 | 365 : Green and gray

I have often thought of reknitting this sweater, but in a worsted weight and as a top-down raglan, a la the modifications found on Canary Knits. I think her style of the sweater is much more suited to my personal wardrobe style. Regardless, having this Eskimo yarn sweater really does come in handy when the temps drop in Philadelphia and in our very lowly heated house (for environmental reasons).

setting up the camera

The Details:
Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Really? You don’t know? It’s the 103-1 Drops Cardigan. Everyone has made one, it seems.
Needles: US 11 | 8mm
Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Eskimo in Gray (the called for yarn in the bulky version of the sweater) – 10 skeins used. Used a smidge of gray Cascade 220 for seaming
Buttons: Awesomeness from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar
Mods: Only thing was the collar. I picked up stitches and knit it on, prior to blocking the pieces. Since I had seamed the fronts to the back (only the shoulders) before blocking, this wasn’t too difficult. I also made the collar a bit shorter and asymmetrical in the front.

3 Responses to “FO 2010: Drops Cardigan”

  1. Robin Says:

    I love those buttons. I wanted to use them on my Olivia, but I couldn’t find 2 of the color I really wanted. I hear you on wanting to get some of these projects done. I have one top that literally just needs the crochet edging, but since I hate crochet, it is stuffed in a bag in the back of my closet. Sigh.

  2. michael Says:

    Oh! Those buttons…

  3. Debby Says:

    Congratulations on finishing your sweater! And I *love* your kitty on the radiator. He looks like my Tim.

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