These days

November 4, 2010

I had every intention of blogging yesterday, especially since I had a lovely few hours with Ms. Through the Loops and Ms. Choo Choo Knits.

Wednesday with some friends

We stopped by Loop and Rosie’s Yarn Cellar, since they had never been to either, and then had a long lunch with knitting and chit chat. I wore my Ulmus for the occasion!


Then back to the grind I went. Yesterday involved doing work (for my job) and doing work (on the house).

We’ve seen a lot of this lately:


2 Responses to “These days”

  1. Andrea (aka Selkie) Says:

    Hey, have you had to hand strip any wood floors yet? Or know of any good ways to do it? That’s my plans for the weekend – to strip the steps on our stairs. Ugh… I should post a sticker to my back that says “I’d rather be knitting.”

    I could sand, but I worry about it getting into the air. But I don’t think I have an option…

    • Andrea Says:

      We didn’t do much prep work to our floors before starting to refloor — we pulled old carpet staples, etc, but that’s about it. Kasy refinished our stairs (the only hardwood part of the floors left in the house when he bought it) but hand and did sand them. I believe he wore a mask for it and this was in the early stages of him owning the house. When we were sanding spackle on walls before painting, we partitioned off the room with a big plastic sheet to make sure that as little spackle dust as possible left the room and infiltrated into other rooms we were actually living in.

      Good luck! Can’t wait to see your progress!

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