November Wrap-up

December 2, 2010

Well, that month flew by. So much for posting daily. I guess I’m just not cut out for that kind of regimented activity right now.

December is here, and the holiday season is officially underway. Before we finish off 2010, I’d like to blog about the many things I’ve found myself doing these past months. I’ve hinted at a couple, and even my Flickr site is woefully behind in showing the highlights. Let’s work backwards, shall we?

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I headed up to New York to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. While my Grandmother cooked a turkey for the rest of the crew, I made myself some seitan to accompany my meal. This was the first time I sauteed seitan with mesquite bbq and holy moly was it delicious. We usually cook seitan, in Casa-Knitting by Bicycle, with Soyaki but my parents do not know of this delicious nectar. So scouring the shelves for the right kind of sauce, I stumbled upon the bbq that was smokey, savory, and sweet. Perfect, really. Now Kasy and I are talking of how to make bags of mesquite seitan jerky to snack on while bike touring.

Thanksgiving 2010
[my plate at Thanksgiving. Seitan is in the background of the plate.]

A few days before Thanksgiving, Kasy and I were the happy hosts to some lovely people from Boston. You may know who I’m talking about? Ann Weaver and her husband came down to Philadelphia for the weekend, while Ann had a trunk show at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar for her new book, Craft Work Knit.

Ann Weaver Trunk Show

They were such a delight to host, since they are bike people and beer people too. We drank, we ate, we chatted lots, we rode bikes around the city. Ann’s designs are gorgeous. Fun fact? Her Neiman sweater was one of my first favorites when I started picking up knitting again in a serious way years ago. It had just been published in Knitty and I vowed one day to make it. Granted, that day hasn’t come yet, but I’ve had yarn earmarked for it in my stash for years now.

Ann Weaver Trunk Show

Anyways. You need to get her book (available both as an e-book and hard copy. May I suggest the hard copy? It is gorgeously printed and worthwhile to add to the shelf). I have plans to make many things inside of it, and my mom has already requested an Albers Cowl of her own, after seeing Ann’s in person at Rhinebeck.

Ann Weaver Trunk Show

Ann. Chris. You guys are always welcome at our house in South Philly.

Next up? Quidditch. Knitting. And more bike stuff.

3 Responses to “November Wrap-up”

  1. Anne-Marie Says:

    What is that awesome embroidered table cloth?! Sounds like you are keeping busy with lots of good stuff.

  2. misa Says:

    Great photos! I just finished my own Albers Cowl after coveting Ann’s at Rhinebeck. Absolutely love it.

  3. Mariss Says:

    Loved seeing what you’ve been up to! Looks like a marvelous Thanksgiving, and I really love your grandmother’s handiwork. Just lovely!

    How cool to see your knitting friend and inspiration come full circle 🙂

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