Keeping warm (and talking wool)

January 12, 2011

c o l d

I’m keeping warm over here, with the fresh snow outside (only 5 inches in Philly), hot coffee on the table, wool drying on the radiator, and great tunes to keep my heart and head happy (currently rotating Bruce Springsteen, the early years), and thought I’d pop in to say “hey!” and “look at some things I made” and “look at some things I will be making.”

As you may remember, last February I started working weekends at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar and could no longer resist the call of the Manos Rittenhouse 5-ply. You haven’t tried it yet? Shame on you. It really is amazing. AMAZING. (Rosie’s also ships, ahem. In case you need some enabling and can’t find it locally). This was also during a time of great strife for me, computer-wise. My trusty laptop had become the breeding ground of a nasty virus and one of my friends was kind enough to help me out on that front. In true barter fashion, all he asked for was a handknit hat in return. One that he could throw his hair up into, push back on his head a bit, and keep warm and awesome in its slouchiness. Well, that just begs to be the Felicity Hat if you ask me.

I knit this blue one for myself, since I had unexpectedly gifted my previously made one to a dear friend while dancing around drunkenly together at her housewarming party a few months prior.

FO 2010 : finished back in february

I wore this hat for many months last year, very pleased with it. Sadly, it never really lived up to the awesomeness of that first Felicity hat. I don’t think I knit the body of the hat as long as the first.


I also knit this brown one. This one being for my computer savvy friend with a penchant for slouchy hats. Of course, due to bad schedules on both our parts I didn’t end up gifting him a handknit hat until well into early summer. At that time, I had misplaced this brown one and so the blue hat when to live on the head of an amazing drummer and the brown one became mine. The brown one is my go to hat for cold days. The Rittenhouse has held up without any pilling through a lot of putting on, taking off, being shoved into coat pockets, dropped on the floor, stuffed into the bottom corner of a bag (I need my knits to be hearty, since I am not so super delicate with clothes. Clothes are meant to be worn and loved.).

These two hats cemented my absolute love for the Rittenhouse 5-ply and the colorway Smoke might be the most perfect gray every created. After seeing a friend design a gorgeous cabled sweater with this yarn, I knew I wanted to make something with cables in it for my next project with this yarn.

I need to finish this sweater

I cast on at the end of summer but sadly this sweater’s progress was seriously derailed by some deadline knitting quickly followed by holiday knitting. This is my next big thing to tackle and finish. I already know that this sweater will bring nothing but smiles. (Knitting details: Lauren by Ann Weaver. Manos Rittenhouse 5-ply in Smoke. Size 7 needles. Alternating skeins every other row)

I need to finish this sweater

In conclusion. Manos Rittenhouse 5-ply. I love you.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s a picture of our kitchen-to-be! We gutted the old kitchen and gutted the room where the new kitchen will be and are plowing ahead with this project. I will definitely show more photos of this room in progress, since it will be our largest renovation undertaking.

Coming Soon! New Kitchen!

7 Responses to “Keeping warm (and talking wool)”

  1. Andrea Says:

    That sweater is going to look awesome! I bought some of the Rittenhouse and ordered the Manos pattern booklet (from you yarn shop too, what a coincidence!) so I can’t wait to get started on making the Dovetail cardigan from it.

    • Andrea Says:

      Oh yes the booklet with Dovetail in it is great! The Dovetail Cardigan is designed by the Rosie’s Manager – Jen. It is such a lovely sweater. Next time you’re in the shop, say hi!

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Wow! Those cables really pop in Rittenhouse. I agree that is a perfect gray.

  3. Bridget Says:

    And this month Rittenhouse is on SALE!!!

  4. whitney Says:

    Wow, those cables look spectacular! I’d never even heard of this yarn (and since I’m not buying yarn these days, I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously through you!)

  5. JennaKate Says:

    I like how you described your need for knits to be wearable. I really identify with that! The gray you’re using for your sweater is fantastic. Subtle but far from boring. Beautiful choice!

  6. weaverknits Says:

    Whoa, kitchen. What are you doing for cooking these days?

    LOVE the sweater. Did you know I have a pile of Rittenhouse in that very color in the process of becoming a new design? It’s the best color of all. It’s like a thousand little colors, but still grey. Oh my.

    Can’t wait to see it finished… oh, and I second the Felicity love. I’ve made two, meaning to give the second one away, and have kept both.

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